E-Learning: Growing Network of Education

Today educations swinging from old traditional ways to new ways, you would have already heard of terms like e-learning, online classes, virtual education or virtual classrooms. Basically all these terms are same and referring to the new way of education and learning where hard work had been replaced with smart work. 

Thanks to the immense growth in information technology.

E-learning is a system of learning and education where you are learning with using electronic media and information technology. Also known as multimedia learning, computer based education, virtual classes/learning/education. In e-learning we use media anddata for education, which includes documents, presentations, audio, videos, etc. which can be accessed through satellite, television, compact discs and internet, thus you don’t need to attend and present in the “Class” to learn.

Process & Technology
So now it is established that e-learning is the mode of education where you can learn through technological means and you don’t need to present in the class to attend a lecture. There are various means and tools which are being used in the process of e-learning.

·         Computers: It is very tough to get into an e-leaning program without having a computer, especially when you are trying to attend a real timeclass/lecture. Computer is one of them major devices that are being used in education now days and in e-learning computer are superior tools that you must possess.

·         Android Tablets & Smart Phones: Today most of students are using educational tablets or android tablets or smart phones to fulfill their needs which used to get fulfilled by computer, making it easier to them access all those things they used to access through computer, that too on the go.

·         Internet: Computer and tablets are like cars and internet is fuel, even if you possess a computer or a tablet or smart phone for education you need an internet connection to get into real time classrooms or to access video streaming.

·         Cheaper: If you take e-learning program in a group, it can save you a lot of money and in this time of low economy, it is a great factor drawing more and more people towards e-learning program.

·         Flexibility: E-learning is totally elastic with timings and all, you can study anytime anywhere, even while travelling of sitting in washroom on the pot.

·         Range of curriculum: Though in secondary level education there are limited options, but as you reach in higher education, e-learning is going to astound you big time with all the range of courses.


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