Top 5 Android Apps for Teachers

Ever since technology invaded the world of education, the whole process of education changed a lot. Today every level of education right from primary or pre-school level to the higher level of education, all levels of education has been highly affected with technology and somehow providing benefits to students. Classrooms now are loaded with clean and tidy white boards, integrated classroom systems and learning solutions like iPerform.
In this age of high-tech education system, students are enjoying learning through technological wonders known as android tablets or say educational tablets like Class-pad, even teachers are using these wonderful devices thus they can deliver the best of their knowledge to their pupil. 

To help teachers in this noble task here we are discussing best android apps which are being recommended to the teacher all around the world, which you can download on your smart phone or android tablet from Google Play Store.

·         Top 16 Nursery Rhymes: One of the ideal educational apps for the parents and teachers of preschoolers, this app has 16 utterly famous English rhymes helping you in engaging kids in fun activity of learning rhymes. It is a free app that you can download easily from google play store.

·         Operation Math: If you are having kids in first or second standard or you are teaching such standards, then it is the app you must have in your phone that you can use to teach addition and subtraction to your students or child.

·         Kids Count Numbers Game: A marvelous app that helps kids to learn counting while playing, you can use this game for teaching the same to your kid or pupils and get a huge response for learning in them.

·         Ascending & Descending Numbers: Another educational app designed for teaching counting and knowing numbers, Ascending & Descending Numbers is one of those few apps that are uniquely designed for teaching purpose, that you can download from google play store.

·         Smithsonian’s National Zoo: Teach your pupil about different species and animals with Smithsonian’s National Zoo app available in google play, though this is a paid app but the satisfaction you will get from teaching your kid or students about these marvelous natural wonders will be priceless.

These are some of the best apps that a teacher or a parent can use to help their child/student in learning different things. There will be more in future and we will update you at regular intervals, so keep posted.


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